Thursday, September 1, 2016

How to Roast, baste, turn over, and serve Laughs WELL!

It's not easy to be a roast comic. To do this RIGHT, you have to take the bull by its horns. Find where the sensitive spot it. Make sure that NO LAWYERS
will go after you.

Many past comics have done well..Don Rickles....Milton Berle....Phylllis Diller....Joan Rivers.....Stan Freberg.....Dean Martin......and more recently Cheslea Handler...Chris Rock....Howard Stern...Phil Hendrie...Sarah Silverman...Amy Schumer.....and the QUEEN, and TOPS now..
Miss Lisa Lampanelli. Let the four examples below show how it's done.

After roasting your turkeys, serve them up, baste them, and put them out on the platers for you and your dinner guests!!
Roast is served.; Whether it's how fat singer Meat Loaf is, drugged out Cheech and Chong are, how much of an n word
that gangsta rap or 1940s hardcore jazz black stars are, how gross Richard Pyror or Chris Farley were, or just how much
of a terrible singer Justin Bieber is (and it's all agreed he is), or any stars (like the ones mentioned in the bits I've covered
in this blog), have at it.

See the four YouTube clips from below.

Lisa Lampanelli - The Funniest Insult Stand Up

Lisa Lampanelli - The Funniest Insult Stand Up

Lisa Lampanelli - The Queen of Mean

Lisa Lampanelli- Racist jokes