Thursday, April 6, 2017

RIP you hockey puck you!

HEY, what's happenin' little hockey pucks...

That's most likely the sound of the legendary and very funny Don Rickles to us Lisa fans (and fellow insult comics), but coming form heaven,
as Mr.Hockey Puck (as in tagline "Hello you little hockey puck") Don RIckard died within the last day at the insulting age of 900 years (90
but in keeping with the insult topic..LOL).

Rickles, state to Lisa's Conneticut, in her later state New York in 1926?, became a veteran of clubs and live television shows, alwys
funny, but in an equal oppurtunity insult way (but down to earth enough to be funny and even appear in a 1966 episode of "Gilligan's Island"
called "The Kidnapper", season 3, as a postman-whaddya think, tomato puss-a KIDNAPPER named Norbert WIley. Tina Louise (WHY COULDN'T
DAWN "Mary Ann" WELL be in this role) as Ginger has a pretty central in it too, as a therapist (who's sicker now)). Equal oppurtinty, just like
Lisa Lampanelli, for one.

Rickles graciously let him be the butt of the same kinds of "roast" jokes that he himself dished out over the generations.

BTW How many Don Ricklese clons doesa it take to bridge a shallow stream?

Five piled up over the dead fish.LOL

RIP you little goosebump.