Saturday, March 26, 2016

Dirty Girl (2007)-Track 2."As Feminine As...."

As Feminine as...



Lisa talks about being feminine, as compares herself to (supposedly gay) Tom Cruise..

In the opening, she mentions having bought a black guy, and a little later mentions how they taste l,ike chicken.

She then does a roasting of a non-present Oprah Winfrey getting fat for 00:30

Other highlights:
Saying how she lights farts on fire with candles

Calling Tom Cruise gay, mentioning his being a  Scientologist

Talks about Indians and casinos (you know how they go together).

Her aversion to dating gay Indians ("double oppressed minority",a very good choice of words, and a second comment "sorry for slavery")

"I'd have t'bang 'em for slavery"

Concludes by saying "I'm only one person".

A lot of these are very inspired and well timed in going from to another of the quotes above..

THere are some forthcoming short bits, so multiple reviews will sporadically appear in some weekends..

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Dirty Girl (2007)-Track 1."I Love Everybody"

I Love Everybody



This second CD olpens up with an anonymous announcer introducing Lisa L.

She identifies this as Seattle, a soccer mom/mni van-free city, a much better city.

The women she mentions should die of cancer, she says, wishing the worst on their kids. She gets underway by mentioning "twiddling", maybe a take off on "Twitter".

Harold and Kumar fans may get a kick out of the reference to some audience members being Harold and Kumar, due to their ethnicity, and get one of those "how I roll'

Pretty good.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

"Take it like a Man" (2005)-Track 12."Stereotypes"

Track #12


By far the largest track, the only one longer than  "#9.My Mother, My Man, and my Children", this starts out with Lisa yet against mentioning Hector, this time as one of the great sports for having a
good sense of humour about being racially roasted.

She's not just a comic (in this), she's also a motivational speaker.

Her books?

I'll give ya somethin to cry about

I'm okay you're not

Men are from mars, sissies from venus

Her fund?
The Lisa Lampanelli United Negro expletivies deleted fund

Becuase 12 inches is a terrible thing to waste.

Every walk of life, she notes, she needs to be in, and the n word with the R on the end cannot be used.

The word? Neighbor.

She then cracks wise wwith indidvual members of the audiuence to the end and that, therefore,
winds up this review of "Take it like a Man"-the very first major Lisa Lampanelli video/CD (titles refer only to the CDs.)

This, therefore, completes and therefore ends the very first Lisa Lampanelli CD review on this blow.

"Dirty Girl" from 2007 will be reviewed next.

Stay tuned, stinky and sick Lamapnelli friendday, and until next weekend, hopefully Saturday morning for another review and of the second

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Get your plates out, another roast

Okay, Lisa Lovers and Lisa Lisa Lampanelli gets prepared to Dodge
criticism as she can a-FORD to roast a CHEVY.....with no CHASE-er..

Here's Lisa's roast of Chevy Chase:
Roasting a Chevy

Sunday, March 6, 2016

"Take it like a Man"(2005)-Track 11. "Kobe & Cable"

Track #11


Disclaimer: I do not at all agree with the following joke material (see below) from Lisa on Kobe Bryant,but that said:

Anyway, having just mentionede blacks in her previous ("#10, I Have a Dream") just reviewed bit,
she mentions that women raped by fallen basketball champ (and very good one originally) Kobe Bryant,
or the LA Lakers 24, shoudl enjoy it since "did you ever get a load of him"

However, despite the open disclaimer:...I enjoy Lisa L. but the bit nearly becomes a bit too shocking, but it's in fun and I can still enjoy this..Al Sharpton is then mentioned
as being far worse.. but the issue of rape tends even for me, as a Lisa Lampanelli fan, not even for her to be enitre commendable, especially in 2005, a few years after it had taken place..
overall not entirely a bad bit..."Did YOU get a load of that HOT SEXY KOBE BRYANT, ladies?" Yeah, Wendy Williams wannabe...:rolleyes" .

 This is the first of a few bits (2009's "Long Live The Queen"'s finale "My Reputation" has it too with the second title word) where Lisa takes a word
that ends in "-ion" and then takes a French approach for laughs,"EducatioN" being the case.