Saturday, March 26, 2016

Dirty Girl (2007)-Track 2."As Feminine As...."

As Feminine as...



Lisa talks about being feminine, as compares herself to (supposedly gay) Tom Cruise..

In the opening, she mentions having bought a black guy, and a little later mentions how they taste l,ike chicken.

She then does a roasting of a non-present Oprah Winfrey getting fat for 00:30

Other highlights:
Saying how she lights farts on fire with candles

Calling Tom Cruise gay, mentioning his being a  Scientologist

Talks about Indians and casinos (you know how they go together).

Her aversion to dating gay Indians ("double oppressed minority",a very good choice of words, and a second comment "sorry for slavery")

"I'd have t'bang 'em for slavery"

Concludes by saying "I'm only one person".

A lot of these are very inspired and well timed in going from to another of the quotes above..

THere are some forthcoming short bits, so multiple reviews will sporadically appear in some weekends..

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