Friday, April 22, 2016

"Dirty Girl" (2007) -Track 8:"Bomb --s Coochie"

Bomb ---- Coochie



With a title with a middle word that is the word "glass" or "grass" with the first two letters removed/the last three letters remaining...okay,
you getit.....Lisa gets more private and personal about her own body humor, then telling a story of her in Oakland, California, banging a
black guy, complimenting them for talking "in the sack" (see "No Freakin' Treat"), followed by the track title, calling it "groovy out there".

Ms.Lampanelli really gets more excited with her voice..sometimes sounding like a monkley..LOL

Lisa starts talking to an audience member named Darnell then starts getting more unrestrained and "insulting".

"Hey, Darnell, are you.."(fill in blank with ..)

Talking about one'
s butt does not always sound neat but this is done pretty well for what it is,anyway.
Pretty short bit, all in all.

Monday, April 18, 2016

"Dirty Girl"(2007)-Track 7:"I Have A Secret"

I Have a Secret



As she starts out, Lisa admits she's always enjoyed insulting people and banging black guys, leading to a discussion of banging Hispancis and blacks
and then mentions Hispanic friend Hector (see reviews of tracks from CD 1, "Take it Like a Man", specikfically the final one, "Stereotypes").

She gets some very good mouth and voice language with her performance of a lot of these lines,,

Her good natured racial/gayslur insults comes: Ryan Seacrest, Peanut Puncher, etc.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

"Dirty Girl"(2007)-Track 6:"Holiday Play"

Holiday Play



Another 3:29 length LL:DG track starts out about Lisa's talk about stereotypes of her own tribe, Italians--like, "Sopranos/Mob"
connections. Next we get black/Jew/Pippins jokes and an exhortation for the members of her audience to write down these jokes.

Then, just like the title, Lisa mentions her nep;hews's Christmas play--er, Holiday Play---since atheists and Jews will not let us
poor Christian, Protestation, Mormon, or in Lisa's case Catholic peasants use the term CHRISTMAS...She goes into an improm-
tu spoof of "Jingle Bells Jingle Bells", then switches, also improptu, to "Deck the Halls with Bows of Holly".

The subject then turns to "Roots" (another African-American cultural/television reference) where, according to Lisa, you play the
TV flick backwards and blacks go bakc to Africa.

Finally a paraphrase of the video store advice:
Be kind, don't rewind.

This closes that clip which has some veyr worthwhile TV/movie references.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Another video....can't she take a bath or shower? :-)

Here's another of her, telling jokes from on stage..

Ever Wanted to hear Her READ HER MEMOIRS?

I've mentioend that 2009 "auotbiog", "Chocolate Please' (heck, a short review of it WAS MY FIRST DAMN POSTS AFTER THE INTRO!!!!!!),
but here's a clip of her reading it. (c), WB Ent., Lisa Lampanelli,2009.All freakin' rights belong to HER. Not even to her siblings whom she fought with.

"Dirty Girl"(2007)-Track 5."Disabled Insult Comic"

Disabled Insult Comic



An exploration by Comedy's Loveable Queen of Mean of more disablity humour.

Continuing from #4, "Never Park in a Crippled Space", the topic and theme of various disablities is explored and mined like a good
mine of gold and Miss Lampanelli comes up with a motherlode.

She starts out with a joke about Hellen Keller, then makes a series of "oooo" noises that sound like a farm an-
imal or something. Slavery becomes a topic again when she mentions seeing a black man in the audience, and now
really takes to another level the connection between blacks and chocolate with a wise crack about cocoa butter, adding
that blacks look the way they are because of WATER melanin (get it?), making them look younger.

The audience gives big laughs..and LL gives out with a funny "40 acres and a mule".

"Dirty Girl"(2007)-Track 4."Never Park in a Crippled Space"

Never Park in a Crippled Space


This is where we find out about preferential treatment..that's PREF-ent-=ial, Senor.

New reviews now appear about once or every two weekends and also I may find other things regarding COmedy's lovable QUeen of mean to post here as well..
Juat so I don't use up all te articles..ARTICLES. Blacks, that's what is written about you if you commit a crime (LL, is that competittion-com-pet-tat-tyon(French-Canadian) for you :))
Here we get a bit that includes the old jail rape bit for people of, shall we, say CERTAIN HAPPY proclitivies. That's pro-cli-vi-ities, gay.

Here, Lisa says out to "everyone in Seattle" (after all, it doesn't always say WHERE it's filmed or recorded; a Las Vegas show on CD would be just as good,given this is one of her big places)
and asks the racial origin background of a male audience member's wife, asking if various ones were gainfully employed, or in jail,m which Lisa describes as a potential Disneyland for certain
minority gangsters of sick, pervert proclivities.

She then asks one if he's had any children.

She then concludes the bit saying she's found Bigfoot.

The Disneyland reference is one of the stock references to homosexuals in prison with masochistic tendencies that Lisa starts using more and more in these.

"Dirty Girl" (2007) - Track 3."No Freakin' Treat"

LISA LAMPANELLI LOSERS: Dirty Girl (2007) - 3.No Freakin' Treat: No Freakin' Treat


Welcome to the new and PERMANENT look for this blog, bums, b words, gays, Asians,etc.

Lisa Lampanelli gets this underway with the title ("And lemme tell ya, bein' in the sack"----read: in bed---"with Lisa Lampanelli"---by now you know how
addiction to self-referring in the third person
where as Lisa Lampanelli or the abbrievated LL----"is no freakin' treat", saying she stinks, and for those with her "to leave and find the doorknob").,

She then goes on to say some unintelligible words, then some "keep in your pants" and "tuna boat" (read:  an unmentionable part of a female),
going to call a guy's wife his "nurse"..thingabob size and such description then becomes the topic for Lisa's bit for almost the remainder of the

Just to remind us where she's playing, she mentions she's in Seattle, and asks a few questions, ending the bit.

Just thinking of being with Lisa in bed.....yeccch,..,!

Lisa Lampanelli to host a new Saturday Morning Kids show

Wow..remember the mid-1980s when we had these early morning shows on Saturday..

with unconventional live comedians

The Richard Pryor Show (1984-85)

Then a year LATER after Richard Pryor disappeared from the show
Pee-Wee's Playhouse (1986-1991)

NOW...ABC will have Lisa Lampanelli host a show on Sat AM with cute little animal characters,
young children singing, in harsh New Jersey/Brooklyn accents, cute Italian kids, and the Muppets.

ABC's parent, Disney, will produce this show with Julie Andrews guest starring.

I posted a link but anyway Go here..