Friday, April 1, 2016

"Dirty Girl"(2007)-Track 5."Disabled Insult Comic"

Disabled Insult Comic



An exploration by Comedy's Loveable Queen of Mean of more disablity humour.

Continuing from #4, "Never Park in a Crippled Space", the topic and theme of various disablities is explored and mined like a good
mine of gold and Miss Lampanelli comes up with a motherlode.

She starts out with a joke about Hellen Keller, then makes a series of "oooo" noises that sound like a farm an-
imal or something. Slavery becomes a topic again when she mentions seeing a black man in the audience, and now
really takes to another level the connection between blacks and chocolate with a wise crack about cocoa butter, adding
that blacks look the way they are because of WATER melanin (get it?), making them look younger.

The audience gives big laughs..and LL gives out with a funny "40 acres and a mule".

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