Friday, April 1, 2016

"Dirty Girl" (2007) - Track 3."No Freakin' Treat"

LISA LAMPANELLI LOSERS: Dirty Girl (2007) - 3.No Freakin' Treat: No Freakin' Treat


Welcome to the new and PERMANENT look for this blog, bums, b words, gays, Asians,etc.

Lisa Lampanelli gets this underway with the title ("And lemme tell ya, bein' in the sack"----read: in bed---"with Lisa Lampanelli"---by now you know how
addiction to self-referring in the third person
where as Lisa Lampanelli or the abbrievated LL----"is no freakin' treat", saying she stinks, and for those with her "to leave and find the doorknob").,

She then goes on to say some unintelligible words, then some "keep in your pants" and "tuna boat" (read:  an unmentionable part of a female),
going to call a guy's wife his "nurse"..thingabob size and such description then becomes the topic for Lisa's bit for almost the remainder of the

Just to remind us where she's playing, she mentions she's in Seattle, and asks a few questions, ending the bit.

Just thinking of being with Lisa in bed.....yeccch,..,!

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