Friday, April 1, 2016

"Dirty Girl"(2007)-Track 4."Never Park in a Crippled Space"

Never Park in a Crippled Space


This is where we find out about preferential treatment..that's PREF-ent-=ial, Senor.

New reviews now appear about once or every two weekends and also I may find other things regarding COmedy's lovable QUeen of mean to post here as well..
Juat so I don't use up all te articles..ARTICLES. Blacks, that's what is written about you if you commit a crime (LL, is that competittion-com-pet-tat-tyon(French-Canadian) for you :))
Here we get a bit that includes the old jail rape bit for people of, shall we, say CERTAIN HAPPY proclitivies. That's pro-cli-vi-ities, gay.

Here, Lisa says out to "everyone in Seattle" (after all, it doesn't always say WHERE it's filmed or recorded; a Las Vegas show on CD would be just as good,given this is one of her big places)
and asks the racial origin background of a male audience member's wife, asking if various ones were gainfully employed, or in jail,m which Lisa describes as a potential Disneyland for certain
minority gangsters of sick, pervert proclivities.

She then asks one if he's had any children.

She then concludes the bit saying she's found Bigfoot.

The Disneyland reference is one of the stock references to homosexuals in prison with masochistic tendencies that Lisa starts using more and more in these.

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