Friday, April 22, 2016

"Dirty Girl" (2007) -Track 8:"Bomb --s Coochie"

Bomb ---- Coochie



With a title with a middle word that is the word "glass" or "grass" with the first two letters removed/the last three letters remaining...okay,
you getit.....Lisa gets more private and personal about her own body humor, then telling a story of her in Oakland, California, banging a
black guy, complimenting them for talking "in the sack" (see "No Freakin' Treat"), followed by the track title, calling it "groovy out there".

Ms.Lampanelli really gets more excited with her voice..sometimes sounding like a monkley..LOL

Lisa starts talking to an audience member named Darnell then starts getting more unrestrained and "insulting".

"Hey, Darnell, are you.."(fill in blank with ..)

Talking about one'
s butt does not always sound neat but this is done pretty well for what it is,anyway.
Pretty short bit, all in all.

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