Sunday, May 1, 2016

"Dirty Girl"(2007-Track #9:"Andy and Courtney"

Andy and Courtney



The Andy and Courtney referred to here are comic Andy Dick and Kurt Cobain(1967-1994)survivor/wife/altnerative grunge rocker in her own right, Courtney Love,
with Lisa saying that she suffered being placed next to A ndy Dick, then she and her mom suffered the humilation of watching Courtney Love. Saying that she herself,
Lisa, never ever won a "freakin'" beauty context, Lisa then claims being much more beautiful than "Courtney Freakin' Love".

Andy then "grabbed Lisa by the neck and kissed him for five minutes"...but she's still surprised at Courtney Love being ablre tpo lick herself.

She then mentions Pam Anderson....Paris Hilton.,.,.and BEA ARTHUR!

What else CAN I say---she just gets better.

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