Sunday, May 22, 2016

"Long Live The Queen"(2009)-Track #1:"The Fag Whisperer"

The Fag Whisperer



Introduced yet again to "Comedy's Lovable Queen of Mean, Miss Lisa Lampanelli", we now hear Lisa's idea of a whsiperer a la all the
horse whisperers, or Jennifer Love Huge Tits's "The Ghost Whisperer" on ABC-TV, as we hear of Lisa Lampanelli's incredible advantures
of connectioning with "fags", or gays, by whispering a la the Horse Whisperers, (whose 1998 movie introduced us, the world, to none
other than Scarlett Johannsenn!) saying: "See how much the faggots love me, you heard of the HORSE WHISPERER------I AM THE

Along the way she then notes that everyone present's black, referring to one such as "hot chocolate daddy", noting "her going down
faster than Lehman Bros.? then makes a vanilla comment. then talks to Les, an auideince member (obviously Black).

Lisa really seems to take very great pleasure in delivering the wisecrack about being the fag whisperer.

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