Friday, May 13, 2016

"Dirty Girl"(2007)-Tracks #11-13:"Looking for Love","Hummers for Heroes", & "Good Sports & Hecklers"

Looking For Love


Sine 11-13 are conviently short, they'll be reviewed all in this review.

Here we go with title indicating what LL is really into, what she's been doing....looking for love.

In all the wrong places..LOL.

But not for sex? This set has a number of refences to black guys--actors,singers-----and it thus turns out to b e must listen for any fan of Lisa Lampanelli especially wanting to hear her talk her m outh off about black guys.

She isn't really looking for sex, just for love, and went to Kinko's printing, or really, it's Kinky, as Lisa gets "rear-ended",by a black guy , a chocolate "daddy" whom Lisa Lampanelli com[ares to rapper DMX and Denzel Washington combined.

She does another creepy exercise with her voice mentioning her affairs, wanting a white guy to pay the bills, a black guy to [bleep] then a Hispanic to clean up afterwards.

She plans to devote four hundred bucks to a certain black group with a five letter name, and ;promises to open the eyes of a little Ethopian's face. Ends with a Fear Factor reference and saying someone in the audience has something in her mouth.

 Hummers for Heores



If Lisa Lamapnelli is anything besides insulting, it's, like many of us, supportive of our barve American Heroes.

That includes our soldiers.

And does Lisa have the present for thme.

Continuing a theme from the last few bits, Lisa Lampanerlli ;promises something for our brave soldiers....Hummers for Heroes..every "hooers and homosexual" comes to
send these.."I'm not gonna lie to're  a great crowd". ,
 Good Sports and Hecklers



"LIsa Lampanelli Is no liar"(again, not that she IS) She urges all of us to clap for the people...first the black guy....then the Hispanic,", quotes the 2004 film "Napoleon Dynmite" with the now famous "Vote for Pedro" quote...due to her seeing a Hispanic

After this applause festival we then hear Lisa saying some cracks like "I like your show..:)". Then she discusses Arabs, "once you go Arab then you ride a camel", another of those variaitons but no rhyme.A very good intereaction bit from Lisa.

We now go to the CD finale.....

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