Saturday, May 7, 2016

"Dirty Girl"(2007)-Track #10:"Inside The Business"

Inside The Business



Lisa takes on another group of icons, saying Ryan Seacrest is too gay, then mentions American Idol icons--judge Simon Cowell, assistant judge and former 80s/90s star Paula Abdul, and then
mentions none other than Howard Stern, and her radio appearances.

Her opinions on "Straight Up"et cetera et cetera et cetera singer/dancer/choregrapher/etc. etc.etc.Paul Abdul:

Then a very unusual things comes up, and I've nevever ever heard the use of this below:

She then mentions an unusual topic---wanting a fluffer..meaning carnal adventures before going on a show, let's just say...and she wants it chocolate...

Most of her perfomance pretty well done, and with her usual horse laugh and squeals..(am I beginning to be too much like her, as I warned at the start of this
here blog, I can do this as well...>:))

Well, with that done, review of next track.

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