Monday, May 23, 2016

"Long Live The Queen"(2009)-Track #2:"Lawful Entry"

Lawful Entry



Hispanics are the next topics and of course bountifully abundunt in these shows.

As far as she's concerned, she's not jumpedwhich is felny to her...Lisa says that she's found the unicorn, asking questions like are "you a border hopper or are you a river
swimmer?"very inquisitively and with that amusin g and even endearingly harsh voice..
...very funny but then (even for her) makes a tasteless self-wish for rape aftershow.

It really improves when she
makes Miss Saigon and Hello Kitty jokes to some others...Asians having small unmentionables.

Now...who's the Swiss Army Knife of minorities. Flipino's...they have Hispanic skin and Asian eyes (avoiding string words)

She gets to the end by a comment about Santa Rosa, California being where certain people know their place.   Some of these
sound more personal in nature than others but are pretty good for afficianos of this material (Lampanelliados? :) OFFICIALLY JUST
coined a TERM there!!)

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