Sunday, May 22, 2016

"Dirty Girl"(2007)-Track #14:"Good TImes & Good Night"

Good Times & Good Night



The final bit starts with Lisa admitted that she's been msitaken for a Jewish girl, saying someone can lick it, stick it, and then talks gay people,
 apologizing for AIDS, then saying that it's a good diet!

Nobody likes a diet, she says, expcet her going on Jenny Craig and losing twenty pounds, and does some fat jokes with a racial flavor....
fat chinese, fat Jews, fat blacks, fat Hispanics. She loves the gays, hope that they stay together, "once you go queer, you stretch out your rear".

One of the Japanese girls there is named "Suzuki". LL makes a motorcycle sound as a result;.

And with that "Dirty Girl" (2007) comes to an end.

NEXT:"Long Live the Quuen!"(2009)

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