Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Four more from "Take it like a Man"(2005)

Forgot about doing this on Saturday and it was Valentine's day..and some of these are short, sohhhhhhh

LL lovers I will post these from Comedy's (and Comedy Central's and Standup's) Loveable Queen of Mean, the Donna Rickles, first CD:

"The Train to Browntown"

Track #5


Starts out with Lisa Lampanelli talking to the audience about staring at people and quotes women calling each
other that unmentionable B word.

Highlights include her asking someone if they're hispanic, and then facetiously ordering them to
keep their hands out of others purses. She also addresses a married man as a little Hispanic husband

She does a good, brief, 1:39 length job at roasts...

"Pillow Talk" Track #6


No Doris Day talk, but lots of talk about athlete's foot in the shower. Lisa talks of being paroled to an audience member. The show
satarts to have some more of Miss Lampanelli's weird sounds and for the first time her play on the inevitable "Once you go black/
you never go back" catchphrase, already much parodied and lampooned much more recently in 2010's "Vampires Suck" appears
(in which movie the phrase was: "Once you go bat/you never go bak". Here it's "Once you go black you're gonna use your crack".

A little later an extremely inspired play on a legendary princess tale appears, Strok-a-hontas, presumably due to a Native American
woman's appearance. Her humor then turns later to Peeing in the shower which is taking this in a real off the wall fashion..

Any way, now with 4:20 minutes, we now get to have a much longer bit of comedy bits than in the last one before.

Next is  "Men Are Good & Women are Beautiful", a phrase mentioned in the following and last.
Track #7


This bit starts out with Lisa talking about private stuff, and doing a play on the old television and radio advertisements for Oscar Meyer Wieners
"your baloney has a name".

Here Lisa sharts mentioning her Mexican friend Hector who reappears in her final monologue.

Talk about Rubbish and Jungle also appears and makes this pretty good..if just over two minutes

And finally
"It's Funny Because It's True"Track #8


Liosa starts out with calling both men and women beautiful and telling her friend Hector to get "hot sauce on your chimichanga" and mentions the bits title.

THe real big funny stuff here comes when she asks how could men take their unmentionable and put it behind the womens headlights and makes a sick-playing
(you can guess what it is) sound effect.

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