Saturday, February 6, 2016

"Take It Like A Man"(2005)-Track 4."The Train to Brown Town"

Track #4


Lisa and her life in Brown Town...

Ever wonder what a town full of black guys be like?

Lisa Lampanelli always did love black and brown guys.,.In this she talks about getting the perfect such colored guy and being on
the train guessed it...Brown Town.

SHe starts out about discussing "disgusting, ugly, black fags"
and getting on, per title, "the train to downtown beeeyotch".

The part about "Take me Brown Town" as mentioned (expletive deleted) is said in a typical "pseudo-cranky" screech voice
that I find particuarly amusing....and works even better as a audio thing rather than seeing h

Riffing on the old Coke ad
"Just for the taste of it"..

She goes on to discussing never buying a new car again..and a la her book "Chocolate Please" black female names

(In her book, pub.2009, she recalled googling for the name "Shanequia" but then getting "Did you mean that witch(not exact word) Sharon?"

Again, this being her, brown can mean something disgusting that shall be AWOL totally and completely on this blog.

and Nine and a half year of blacks is the coup de grace, the piece de ristance for this Lampanelli track.

Takea bow, LL.

A lot of vewyr goioid timing that really comes off well as a CD, even more so than onscreen or live.

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