Sunday, January 31, 2016

"Take it Like a Man" (2005):Track 3:"Take it Like a Man"



(title track)

This one, like the title suggests, has Lisa reassuring that what she does is just a roast and guys, particularly, should not be
offended ("take it like" know the saying and title).

"People should be able to take a joke...take it like a man"!

"I called a guy and he says
[expletive deleted] you [rhymes with witch"

One real funny thing is a reference to curry being stronger thana deodorant, then
quotes the old "strong enough for a man but made for a woman" Secret(tm/r) deodorant
advertising campaign

A little later near the end she refers to chicken wings and her friend Hector (often men tioned through hewr act on this CD)

She acknowledges liking guys who can take a joke, in keeping with the title of this bit, also mentioning girls in relaiton to this bit.

This is mayb e a quite important and crucial track since it acknowledges that Lisa Lampanelli's stuff is meant in fun, to take it like a man
(or woman..but mostly of all, like a man!)

Since then, Lisa Lampanelli is NOT the QUEEN of MEAN but the LOVABLE queen of MEAN...actually COMEDY's LOVABLE QUEEN of MEAN.

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