Sunday, January 24, 2016

"Chocolate Please' (Book, 2009)

One of the main goals, here at least, is to give chronological and track by track reviews of the Lisa Lampanelli soundtrack (from the TV sepcials) DVD from, as it currently
stands, 2005's "Take it like A MAN!" to 2011's "Tough Love', and we plan to do that, one each Friday, just to not use up all of this blog...>!!

But anyway here is a short review of 2009's Chocolate Please, the book about MIss Lampanelli
and her rise to fat,m and skinny stardom..

The book mentions, in brief, her growing up in Conneticut, a young Catholic girl sharing a not quite so holy
experience with her mom, even relating on page 95 a story about her sister and her mom that's both funny
and shocking, and which I won't give away here.

She then gets to mentioning her roasts and her own personal
...that's per-son-a-l reivews, -- on black names, babysitters (hot ones are best!) and even gets near the end
to her roasting beloved folk singer Joan Baez just for popularizing Kum-Ba-Ya (you know.."(insert sentence)...
KUM-ba-ya (insert another sentence) KUM-ba-ya..etc.

CHOCOLATE....CHOCOLATE..for candy that candy we love. Lisa's world though,
means African-American (the whole the way that I just wrote that one is in loving tribute to her
definitions of everything things for various ethinic a BOOK..(blacks) is something a judge
throws at you...

So without further the next one..

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