Sunday, January 24, 2016

"Take it Like a Man" (2005):Track 1: "Intro"


Track #1


This first track on any LL album has the obligatory welcome.

Lisa mentions her longtime Hispanic buddy Hector (who turns up in her later CDs/shows)

Among the highlights:
"Even though you're kind of a black white guy.."

"The bigger the pushin'"

"Once you go black the cops will attack".

Te jokes are the kind that you'll find..and enjoy if you are a fan or wanting to be
(or otherwise retch at ..)

So, not much to say, just another intro..

It's a sufficient way to start off the very first of comedy's great, loveably, self-described queen of mean.....Turnbull, Connetticut's very own

At 1:38, it's decent enoguh to start off the first CD.

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