Sunday, January 24, 2016

"Take It Like a Man" (2005):Track 2: "Hector, My Parents & Soccer Moms"


Track #2


With the Intro done, here is an instant funny bit that gets "Take it like A Man" under way.

Lisa starts here with the following:

"Love that little (nasty word for Latin)"

"Once you go Hispanic your mom and dad start to Panic".

Hector is a f riend that gets mentioned a lot in Lisa Lampanelli bits and is a target for her fuinny stuff.

Her basic topics here are on her parents and soccer moms, which she gives and imaginative description of.

The rhymes, like the "Once you go black you never go back", already turned on its head a lot (2010's "Vampires Suck", for one, just put in "bat" for "black")
will get a lot more twisted through this and the four CD's and specials after.

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