Sunday, January 24, 2016


Or...Intr-r-roduck-tion (as Miss LL-as she calls herself-would call say it-she loves that faux French)

Hello folks...

A thing to be considered:
An INSULT is to make one feel angry.

A ROAST (the spoken type) is to good-naturedly insult one of your friends or favorites and they SHOULD NOT MAKE A BIG DEAL outta it.

So says, or would have said, Comedy's Loveable Queen of Mean, Miss LISA LAMPANELLI, born on July 19, 1961, in Trumbull, Conetticut.

Now, for the unitiated (as if there are STILL unitiated!) LISA LAMPANELLI is a fat blonde east Italian broad who has a horrid voice and a razor
sharp tongue. She also smells like a tuna casserole.

Or meat for Sylvester Stallone to box In Rocky while Talia Shire looks on. When I think of
Lisa Lampanelli I think of a sick person. When I think of Lisa Lampanelli I think of a pig.'

And coming from me, Pokey, Gumby'sd hore, this blog seems out-of-character, but this is a roast and we only roast the ones we love...

Lisa Lampanelli stinks and when she opens up her big trap she stinks (in other words she's very funny and I think EVERONE might secretly agree...)

Besides schoring humor, Lisa has acting roles, and we need to find an IMPORTAND acting role. Even if a relative small one. In 2008, she appeared in
"Drillbit Taylor" with Owen Wilson, Leslie Mann and others. She played a bully's mom, identified as (despite no last name officialy given to the bully,Ronnie), Mrs.Lampanelli!

Back to her insult humor...

Nothing is sacred..scared, another issue.

Anyway, actually, that's her type of humor. All of it is just in fun!

Lisa Lampanelli did not really become big till she was around 40 in 2000 when a guy (you may know him as Howard Stern) hired Lisa for his
tremendous nationally syndicated radio comedy show.

That guy (you may know him as Howard Stern) became one of the main conduits (not
to be confused with anything dirty) helped LL (as she calls herself) to her success.

You can checkr 2009 book, "Chocolate Please", for more of it (

Oh. And the chocolate she is referring to is black guys, That radio guy (you may know him as Howard Stern) knew it. That guy (you may..oh,
you get the idea!) had some black guys on there.

As for Lisa, she's b ecome a longtime cable TV and Las Vegas standup putdown (new coinage!) comic, and made TV specials/CDS/DVDS that we'll
take a look at.

Over the next year or so, I'll start this fourth blog of mine, with reviews of each of Lisa Lampanelli's specials/CD's from 2005-2011

Reviews start Sunday first then Friday or Saturday thereafter, stinking fans (I refrain from the obscene aprts of her dialogue....)

2005 "Take it Like a Man"

2007 "Dirty Girl!"

2009 "Long Live the Queen" (Her book was published that year. See above.)

2011 "Tough Love" (which I bought from Amazon)

Kind of like mine and others's animaiton/"TV blogbs where each episode is reviewed. And of course, post-Tough love DVD/specials tracks and later books
and appearances ESPECIALLY if (like at Vegas) I get a chance to see them (I may put up blogs to other comics like Phil Hendrie and Miranda Sings, both
due for some..)

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