Saturday, February 27, 2016

"Take it like a Man" (2005)-Track 10."I Have a Dream"

Track #10


Lisa starts talking about her dreams about being with blacks and then it becomes a Dr.Martin Luther King borrowing:
"I have a dream", hers being to get more African Americans.

She then turns to an audience member and asks if the girl's got a daughter Tiffany, a baby diamond, or son Car insurance or
baby Lexus, driving an escort (whcih resurfaced in her 2009 book "Chocolate Please",done during the year of her Comedy
Central special/Warner Bros.Music WMG CD "LONG LIVE the QUEEN") (get it?)

I am self-named on this blog after the horse costar of the fa mily show Gumby and I can guarantee for every SICK joke that Miss Lisa
tells that she tells CLEAN jokes (anyone wanan do a "dirty joke:horse fell in the mud"/"clean joke:horse took a bath" joke? Anyone DARE?)
for the children, then she tells some that tujrn out to be dirty ones set on an elevator.

Overall a pretty funny bit.

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