Monday, August 1, 2016

Lipshtick: Lisa in Vegas!

I was in Vegas over the weekend, when Lisa was playing, but couldn't get a ticket, but anyway, Lisa returned to
bring her type of hilarious insult comedy to Legas Vegas (forgot which place though).

Anywayu one of the publications on the table of our hotel, Bally's, had an article about her that mentioned her and
Don Rickles (Naturally, you littler hockey ****load pucks!!!!!Nahhhh!!!!!!) and also the phrase "{queen of mean",
which she, said, as most of us fans will point out that we already know, was Lisa's own coinage.

So look her up, and like me, plan omn seeing that stinkmouth and stinkbomb Lisa Lampanelli, you pissbrains! Otherwise
I know you just have weak stinking beeheavies for brains.

Singing out now. Toodles.

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