Sunday, August 14, 2016

"Tough Love" (2011) - Track #7:"Love Letters to LL"

Love Letters to LL



The impromtu business now turns to fan/marriage letters recalling marriages:

First up,LL's own comments about making her guy and her go own a easy task..:

Never go on a diet with a guy who's fat because he'll lose more than you, more than Freddie Mercury of Queen at a steambath
....I saw a hint of a chin.

Two things that LL DOES NOT bring to the table
Whaddam I, your mother? (spoken like a true Italian woman!)
And "I ain't lickin' your freaking b----ls, I have a normal sized TONGUE! You would need a cow tongue to do that. With any look I'd run oudda salivia and get stuck like that
kid in 'A Christmas Story'(1983)"
Then,talks about Jimmy hopping all the way like a "hippety Hopp"
, and then in keeping with and true to the title, love letters to LL from couples recalling their letters..

One was about to go off and fight the south (blacks, this was very good)
From one black couple:
(Lisa promises they still exist):
A letter of a KFC meeting--not Kentucky Fried Chicken but Kentucky Federal Correction center

then an interracial couple:
Dear lisa, we met at a bank, she was a teller, I was robbing her

Then from a Mexican-----
"Dear Lisa:
We met on the star studded night of the Arizona Desert! We tunnelled over way
across the desert, with border patrol..but ten years a and fourteen kids later,
we're happy married

THis from a gay couple:
We had aour armpits braided at the litlith fair..14 strapons..oh never mind

FInal letter
I met her at Madame Butterface (DON'T. ASK) emporium and it was just stress relief
not love initally buit this has two happy endings..meaning they married.

And so winds up that one and we go to the next one.."11 I Wanna be your Wallpaper"

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