Monday, August 22, 2016

"Tough Love" (2011) - Track #8:"I Want to be Your Wallpaper"

I Want to be Your Wallpaper



Lisa talks in this one about her flight on a plane with Jimmy stuck behind the "guy that everybody hates, the white businessmean....entitled to the
armrest"(of the plane)..the guy:"Maybe if you'd smiled more, you'd HAVE more friends." Lisa: "(AND i'm like) Really...Maybe if your thingy was
harder, you'd be one of them".

But she does say.............."as a CELEBRITY (her emphasis, folks, not mine!)... that all of them should be friendly to the public...".."I wanna be your wallpaper'..then
mentioning a lady like hooer (Lisa Lampanelli-ese for whore) ..then reveals Sarah Palin to be the person, and "your husband's thingy", probaly the afore-
mentioned white businessman.

This shows a side of LL where she like being worshipped, and rescpting fans, even to the exclusion of her own "narcissistic" image.  She even gets in a very
good comment in the title comment of just wanting to be a picture of someone (though, kind of creepily, even if it's to be someone's cellphone/iphone/computer

Another very good LL show bit that lies on huge audience interaction, and one that makes the home listener or watcher feel like a true fan loved by their idol. :)

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