Saturday, June 11, 2016

"Long Live The Queen"(2009)-Track #6:"Enter at Your own Risk"

Enter At Your Own Risk



This is Lisa's idea of discussing 2008-2012 politics, when she says that our November (2008) votes finally were counted in..
saying Barack Obama is president...she then mentions him as a black guy just wanting some change.."Time for change"..then
points out that he did have some great speeches (something which even I, for the opposition, have to agree with, but First lady
Michelle Obama sure ain't gonna like the snack food scarfin' Of Lisa...)..and then says ya gotta admit that the crazy b word
that rhymes with witch ain't i the white house, none other than one Sarah Palin (I admire her but the following is correct, but
this is largely roasting for Lisa's entire career), who is, according to Lisam, cuckoo cuckoo...

Lisa admits that like male newscasters have said, yeah okay Sarah Palin is hot compared to say, Elenoar Roosevelt but next to Pam Anderson? (all us of, politics or diet
disregarding agree with PETA that Pam is a sexy wopman and not media-brushing for interviews),  How many kids, Sarah Palin's
gotta have, does Lisa wonder, what is Sarah, BLACCCCKK (she really extends and sharply says "black"), then adding that Governor
Palin then (referriung to Bristol Palin) has to go and have a RETARD (caps reflecting how she says it,again) kid, what kinda heck
thing that this is?

The subject then changes and incorporates the title of this (a lot of Lisa, and, also, Amy Schumer's bits have the same problem relating to
the officially chosen title of the given bit.:))

Lisa then says that any blacks thinking about the unmentionable to create babies with her, had, as the title of this track says,
"Enter at your own risk". I don't know, she says which is dangerous, banging me", or playing the joker in "Batman" (for any version,
going back to the 1960s, that is..)

This ends that sketch.

(YES, this is for the CORRECT CD listing of "Long Live the Queen" (2009)..)

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