Saturday, June 11, 2016

"Long Live The Queen"(2009)-Track 7:"Assorted Cheese Platter"

Assorted Cheese Platter



Another sketch that bears little resemblance to the title (again, a la much of Amy Schumer's available stuff like on Cutting), this is about sex,
with Lisa explaining the muscular diffulty in well, intersecting shall we shall with her man, doing the old One Missippi Two Missippi,etc.counting bit
and then mentions an assorted cheese platter, on (laughter here, can't make out, heh, pun, the next sveral words) an obvious privates reference
(or is it something anal that shall not be mentioned on this blog?) but anyway, she then mentions two Jews falling out as a result of her making out,
and then mentions more on how it (here's THAT pun again) makes out..,

The title here is REALLY irrelevant to the sketch.,.

WHAT the HELL does a CHeese Platter have to dow tih this...

The laughter REALLY covers a lot of LIsa's own and well in some stage in USA, home of the land Sarah Jessica Parker said the
following year (2010) in Sex & City 2, the land of the hormones (Kim Catrall's, and, here, Lisa Lampanelli.)

Stay aroud for another reason to say, "Long Live The Queen"!

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