Friday, June 3, 2016

"Long Live the Queen"(2009)-Track #4:"Deaf Protest"

Deaf Protest



Going ab out twice the length of the first three cuts, we find Lisa at a deaf college at a deaf protest. Her live standup with her recollecitons take us to
her meeting a college supervisor who Lisa quotes a la Yogi Bear or Fat Albert "Hey Hey HEY"(the ticked off attitude puts it to Fat ALbert, who had
his own poltical correctness associaiton) "We run a pretty big business college aorund here" and then Lisa recalls many deaf folks protesting.

Her response?

"Deaf people...aren't exactly my kind of people......for selling give a soundbite".

But a newswoman came out and said to some of them,why they hated Lisa..who let it go.

Her reasons?

Her comments above regarding deaf people not being an audience for her, and her learning vile words through signage language...

A sound effect has to be added (through listening there is NO way to see have to see the DVD of I haven't yet.)

The sound effect?

A faggot farting...

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