Saturday, June 18, 2016

"Long Live the Queen"(2009)-Track #8:"Bagging A Bear"

Bagging a Bear



Sports now start to take centerfield in this bit.

 Say, if Lisa is into sports, could she cheerlead (WITHOUT R words..:) ).. but anyway she talks about
bagging her first (obviously black)..she mentions a hot dog usually being a parathensis but here being much more like a question mark...but here
a "full-out swan" enjoying making shadows, palm trees,etc.all over you in shadow.

Ms.Lampanelli talks about the vaious things that this "hot dog"
(to keep it clean, like THAT's possible) does.

Lisa L:"Most guys have a worm:()"...(their junk)....THIS guy's stuff was like a full out swan. He was makin' shadow puppets on the wall with it."

That little ")"

She mentions going on Howard Stern to explain how wanted to start bragging about bagging an actual bear, his team and his number, Whatever.

She mnetions:
her pwn her feeling

Her getting the poor guy on Stern

her stuff being better than "any bear that's come into the super bowl any time soon"

them not having any ideas of what football is, before the bit concludes.

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