Saturday, June 25, 2016

"Long Live the Queen"(2009)-Track #9:"Homos Are My Favourite People"

Homos Are My Favorite People



Homosexuality is now the dominant, titular theme of the first part of this show as Lisa Lampanelli, or LL, comes up with yet another sick list of
different euphemisms/epithets for gays

Her list of "gay terminlogies" on HBO..including, as I could keep in mind



Poopshoot Popeye

Pudding Stool

T&^ tickler

Keeshtr Steepr

Fudge pusher

Andy Dick the comediuan

Queer and Andy Dick are the best ones in my opnion.

She then changes the topic mid-sketch to theatrical and teleivison efforts
Grease----or, the black version--Chicken Grease

Disucssing Happy Days--No blakcs--tHAT is why it'
s happy dyas

Turned once again to an individual audience member who gives away his name,. Les, of whom Lisa says, More is Les, or Les is More,
she then startig flirting and talking with him before recalling a TV "Blazing Saddles" rerun that bleeped fart noises but not the n word,
which IS terrible, since....after all...N words CAN smell MUCH MUCH worst than farts!

SHe then says she sees some teeth and eyes...a black reference, no doubt.

For gay fans, she winds up the show by this riddle: Why do f---gots do this (sings) answering not enough room for (higher note).

Yeah, confounds me too. Hey, Lisa. You going to do this stuff? Try a stronger joke..subjective, I know.

Anyway, the last ends this one.

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