Friday, July 1, 2016

"Tough Love"(2009)-Track #10:"The Luckiest Witch"*

The Luckiest Witch *(with a B instead of W)



"You know, do I not have the luckiest job in the world? Am I (not) the luckiest witch?" asks an obviously satistfied Lisa Lampanelli.

Yes, Lisa, you ARE a lucky witch.

Her opening lines are about suitable divine punishments for racial attacks and her hilarious naming of such-beat a blakc-sickle cell anemia

Beat a homosexual? AIDS. Hispanics? No one really cares.

Then her airline travel taketh center stage recalling a propeller plane with a ramp, no jets, no big tube like usual..referring to the plane
offered as a "swan with two propellers attached", then falling down on her C word, (YOU guess what the word IS!) and being somehow (masochistically??) proud of it.

"I fell down on my c word"...broke it..and then does a very inspired comment, "a conversation starter and a half"(note..for me, some of
the best verbal comics are such if they can say a (insert event) and a half like LIsa Lampanelli here did..another topic...whites who adopt
ORientals (or is that WRONG?)..making another  race reference to the laundry..

Comparing a plane to a swan makes this one of several mentions of swans on this CD/DVD (#8,"Bagging a Bear", the "it was a full-out swan" was the other one).

The audience really thinks Lisa's mentions of falling and swans is funny, and I do, too.

Interesting, that she had no awareness of ANY planes BUT jet liners..:)

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