Wednesday, July 13, 2016

"Tough Love" (2011) - Track #2:"I MIss Michael Jackson"

I Miss Michael Jackson



She mentions her sharing US sympathy for Haiti kids, even going there and selling LL shirts, touched on again later in the CD (only and ONLY
LL would think such a thing, as a insult comic, where kids would be, but, its LIsa)..This is then followed by comments about her desire to be a Siri GPS for a truck or car,
keyed to different indivdual minorities.

She was, now talking about Twitter, in trouble for mentioning that "Heidi from 'The Hills should not get any plastic surgery". She mentions Charlie Sheen being ready for jail where men are ready to,well,(censored)

She,regarding the surgery, that it was a reference in love toMichael Jackson points out (countered in that final seleciton) that you roast whom you
love, and she loves Michael Jackson (who had already died in 2009 at the time of "Long Love The Queen", her last album)
and then makes cutesly little praises of Michael Jackson, presumably since he's black.

Hey. In comedy, you roast the ones oyu love..
No longer can we make jokes about him. Michael Jackson, you see, thought Target stores selling boys pants half off. Michael Jackson, you, see, thought that Boyz II Men albums were selling boys to him..

Now...that he's an angel in musical celebrity more jokes..

Note: With the current week's postings mid week, and that this is the latest LL album I've heard despite her newest,
reviews are now less frequent, and may not occur every weekend or even every single week..

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