Friday, July 8, 2016

"Tough Love" (2011) - Track #1:"Joliet 10s"

Joliet 10s



Another intro, and another CD/DVD. This is so far the last that I've been able to hear and review but anyway, after a male (this time) announcer introduces her,
with the now by  standard issue "Ladies and Gentleman, introducing Comedy's Lovebale Queen of Mean, Miss Lisa Lampanelli",Lisa starts by commenting on
someone being black--mentioning elections (Obama, natch), she mentions loving cornholers, since these gays and you know how she loves the gays.

Now for a couple of ironies, a obtuse and notable one, two gays are named Mike and Todd, as in Around the World in 80 Days 50s producer, and pioneer of the TODD AO
process, MIke TOdd, and thenmore "S" for extra lisp potential..not that Lisa has no lisp...she lisps..she does some more talks with various minority groups...She
mentions that she's in JOliet,Illinois.

Her funniest comes in a minute of a Mexican who's happy to be unemployed, who Lisa asks about his dad and mom, and then says no stifffs here, a good thing for a
Lisa Lampanelli shows, then talking to an old guy thinking he may be a Grant Wood/American Gothic type at a dirty show rather than "a Liza Minelli concert' (though
somehow I can't see a American Gothic guy "with the pitchfork" being sophisticated enough for a Liza Minenelli show, but Liza doesn't use foul anguage..whichw as Lisa's
point..nor is she black..)..

Her Joliet 10's comment indiciate that the recording was done at Joliet, Illinois, at a 2010-2011 show.(On the final track, "The Roast of Worthless Americans", #10,
"Toy Story 3" is mentioned regarding someone having kids)

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