Wednesday, July 6, 2016

"Long Live The Queen" (2009)-Track #12:"My Reputation"

My Reputation



Double Whammy this Wednesday

According to Lisa in this CD/DVD closer, her mother hates her so it's good thing, her audience better like her. After describing her
family and then herself and her type of jokes, Lisa asserts "you know my M(odus)O(peration)k Street Cred, Reputation"(where she
does the other pseudo Francais on "Reputation".

She then does her usual racial Asians smell like fish, for instance, and then has everyone applaud the racials...
hitting the slopes racist if it is NOT about skiing but anti-Asian assult...then the gay folk get their due, with mentions of
Ryan Philippe, Clay Aiken, and others. One interesting thing about Ryan, that Lisa mentions, he was on (before the 2005
Oscar winning Crash) a soap oper,a the fiorst teenage gay role on a soap!

Lisa mentions she has noted that gays are going straight and asks if they've been in bed with women and then starts a mock
please-"stop making it with your gay girlfriend in high school"...then "Quit having sex with...WOMEN, cause you know the old
saying"..and here comes another of those variations.."once you go homo, the vag is a no no"(vag being short for, you now)..

THe crowd of all rces, religons, color, geners, orientaitons and the Man Upstairs only KNOWS what else laugh and applaud and leave
with Lisa L all of whom now leave us with another fully reviewed album.

With this, LL's third album is now completely revivewed.

Next one "Tough Love!"(2011) is next.

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