Sunday, July 17, 2016

"Tough Love" (2011) - Track #3:"Roasts Remembered"

Roasts Remembered



"But I'm a nice person. I am", commences Lisa Lampanelli, who then briefly mentions her TV specials, and then David Hasselhoff not being
an easy guy to get clearance to roast, especially when Perez Hilton spread the news, and all Lisa wanted to do was say that David had now
been drinkig so much that he'd had a liver black enough to star in "Precious" , Speaking of which, Lisa, says, the girl in "Precious" didn't
win an OSCAR becuase she'd been CRYING....she had been crying due to hungry jerks stealing her McDonald's Chicken McNuggets.

The above is a real unusual thing even for her, to crack a joke about the character Precious from that movie, but doggone, it is
quite funny and politically incorrect.

Lisa mentions a movie, "Kenkel" coming out and then a sitcom where she comes up with gut and the "c" word - gunt starring
Kirstie Alley, of all people.

Other celebrities like Jeffrey Ross and (as roasted) William Shatner before a very hilarious Brady Bunch turn into a Maureen McCormick
joke about her formerly cute and now no more..Ann B."Alice" Davis being the ****able one.

Lisa goes from one celebrity and topic to another and the ending works well....with the Brady Bunch reference refering to Maureen McCormick's physical appearances, though to me everything I see of her now still looks too..too bad about Ann B.Davis alias Alice's  death several years ago.

Then the Precious movie character crying because of no more MCDonald's Chicken McNuggetsTM being available...L.Lampanelli..that was sick....but
a verty genius joke...

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