Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Long Live The Queen (2009)-Track #11:"Fan Appreciation"

Fan Appreciation



Talking about fan meetings after the show and else-time, Lisa recalls the interchanges she has had with fans...with THEM offering
the sweet and HER offering the salty..(FAN:"Oh...LISA...I LOVED your show...this is my anniversary.."  LISA:"Oh..REALLY..WELL
I'm 37 and SINGLE...I...DON'T..CARE". LISA: ..SUDDENLY: HA!I can't believe that you bought that load of crap you retards
Thank you for putting me in a good mood....and for proving that laughter is the best medicine..(mocking FAN):"Oh Lisa, I a
m a woman living with lupus....and laughter is the best medicine" (mocking mode off) )

LISA:"Okay, you dumb twats, but I found out who the meanest twats are".

She then regards her wants to get a black by wearing chinchilla fur then describes a real horny black's respose

She really does a lot of odd voices in this particular sketch,

BLACK GUY mentioned two sentences ago:"Here's what a chinchilla looks like"
LISA:"HERE is what forty two look like..dead"(wild laughter).

The bit ends.

Surprsingly, Miss LL, no pseudo-French a la the next and final track on this CD (#12, "My Reputation")
.I've always liked how she draws laughs out of doing that mock French. Anyway..

The real best out of all of this sketch, is Lisa doing her spiel that includes the old saw  "Laughter is the best medicine"
then mocking it as I've already mentioned above. THAT ALONE is well worth listening to the part half.

Here's what a chinichilla looks like..../what forty do.....take THAT, PETA!!!!!!

The last cut starts after this. After which, the most recently heard one, 2011's
"Tough Love" will be reviewed.

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