Friday, June 3, 2016

"Long Live The Queen"(2009)-Track 5:"LL In Real Life"

With the holiday last weekend, though I'd put in two early posts and wait till about Sunday or June 18 for the next posts.

(Note: Accideentally reviewed the 2011 TOUGH LOVE album posts...too early,sorry! Anyway I got the correct posts...those waiting for the next album will get theirs! Starting here, since this is the third of the four Lisa Lampanelli's, posts are now one to two weekends a piece on track reviews.)

LL In Real Life



Starting out with a tale of being rich in Beverly Hills, Lisa recalls a tale of being served by a salesman who wants to "tell me lover"(of Lisa being present)
and this thing leads to her talking to gay men about the shopping story already being mentioned here of Lisa in Beverly Hills but wondering if it's an in-
insult to call a gay man a gay man.

She then winds up saying "I'm Looking for Coach" (the clothes brand, presumably).

SHe then talks to a black man who says his kid's name is Jared, then gets like in page 238 of her 2009 book "Chocolate Please" about black people
naming kids after automobiles like having a kid who's growing up to be a young guy driving, a "Escort"(like in a pimp) driving a "Lexus" (like the car, get it?)
then a son named "Repossessed"(yeah, Lisa, WE get it ha,ha).

She then talks about a black guy whom she has been dating, "Oh my god, he's laughin'",
and hten finished the bit, "I've had that joke written out for months for HBO but never got to do it yet until now!"

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